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Krista Detor

Blowing Kisses

Blowing Kisses                        Lyric & Melody by Krista Detor. Music by Jim Krause

You asked me once how I left it
It never ends, you know. So I said it.
I turned you around, across the line
‘blow me a kiss,’ I said, ‘you are mine.’

And wars are won without a gun
if the words are pointed, every one
but despite the secrets we all keep
did you know stars burn on while we sleep?

While white sheets billow on lines
we still know that all that ever will go will go by
So there you are
and here I’ll stay
But I will blow you kisses all the way

Sometime, some day, something goes away
But when we wake, we find the brilliant sun the same

So I write the story. Maybe a lie?
But come whisper to me, and if you can, fly
from where you are
when here I’ll always stay
and I will blow you kisses all the way