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Krista Detor

Index of Songs

  1. untitled from Chaos, Collisions, & Clocks: The Best of Krista Detor
  2. A Hundred Years More from Chocolate Paper Suites
  3. A Red Bowl from Mudshow
  4. A Traveler in Winter from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  5. Abigayle's Song from Mudshow
  6. All I Need Is A Driver from Mudshow
  7. All of the Laughter from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  8. All the Calls from Barely
  9. All to do with the Moon from Chocolate Paper Suites
  10. Always Somewhere from Flat Earth Diary
  11. Anemic Moon from Cover Their Eyes
  12. Awake the Voice from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  13. Barely from Barely
  14. Belle of the Ball from Flat Earth Diary
  15. Blowing Kisses from Flat Earth Diary
  16. Box of Clouds, feat. Moira Smiley from Barely
  17. Bridges from Flat Earth Diary
  18. Buffalo Bill from Mudshow
  19. Can I Come Over from Barely
  20. Castle in Wales from Barely
  21. Christmas in London from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  22. Clock of the World from Chocolate Paper Suites
  23. Cover Their Eyes from Cover Their Eyes
  24. Dancing in a Minefield from Mudshow
  25. Dazzling from Chocolate Paper Suites
  26. Deliver Me from Chocolate Paper Suites
  27. Dinner with Chantel from Cover Their Eyes
  28. Emma's Lullabye from Chocolate Paper Suites
  29. Ferryman's Dream from Flat Earth Diary
  30. Fine Print from Flat Earth Diary
  31. Flat Earth Diary from Flat Earth Diary
  32. For All I Know, feat. Amanda Biggs from Barely
  33. From Miss Emma Brawley from Chocolate Paper Suites
  34. From the Pedestal from Barely
  35. Gaslight from Mudshow
  36. Go Ahead and Wait from Cover Their Eyes
  37. Hear That from Flat Earth Diary
  38. Honey down a String from Flat Earth Diary
  39. Hot Buttered Rum from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  40. How Will I Know from Cover Their Eyes
  41. I'm Still Here from Mudshow
  42. Icarus from Cover Their Eyes
  43. Innuendo from Chocolate Paper Suites
  44. Just Because from Flat Earth Diary
  45. Lay Him Down from Cover Their Eyes
  46. Lorca in Barcelona from Chocolate Paper Suites
  47. Marietta from Flat Earth Diary
  48. Marlene In A Movie from Cover Their Eyes
  49. Middle of a Breakdown from Chocolate Paper Suites
  50. More than I Dare Say from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  51. Mudshow from Mudshow
  52. My Love's Eyes from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  53. One Too Many Christmases from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  54. Pretty Horses Run from Cover Their Eyes
  55. Recklessness & Rust from Chocolate Paper Suites
  56. Red Velvet Box from Flat Earth Diary
  57. Rich Man's Life from Chocolate Paper Suites
  58. Robert Johnson Has Left Mississippi from Cover Their Eyes
  59. She Will Not Say from Mudshow
  60. Sheriff Santa from Montana from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  61. Sing to me of Dover from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  62. Small Things from Chocolate Paper Suites
  63. So Goes the Night from Chocolate Paper Suites
  64. Steal Me a Car from Mudshow
  65. Sweet Comes the Sound - for Tobar Mhuire from Barely
  66. Teeter-Totter on a Star from Chocolate Paper Suites
  67. Tell Me a Story from Mudshow
  68. The Coming Winter with Mary Dillon from Barely
  69. The First Christmas Star from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  70. The Ghosts of Peach Street from Mudshow
  71. The Hampton Sisters (Glory) from Mudshow
  72. The Water Round from The Silver Wood: Winter Songs
  73. The World is Water from Cover Their Eyes
  74. Too Fast from Barely
  75. Waterline from Cover Their Eyes