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Krista Detor

Ferryman's Dream

Ferryman’s Dream                                  by Krista detor   9/2011      

I am buried in books I don’t read
You say I am lazy and mean – I can be mean

Cause I don’t like to stay out too late
Don’t wanna go on a blind date
I’m bored with the war - strategic  advances
So I’m packing it in and I’ll take my chances

It’s not that you’ve done something wrong
Or that I got shot in a song, shot in a song

It’s just that it’s gotten me low
Sedition with trials yet to go
I’ve heard your confession –
Mine’s still locked in a drawer
So I’m packing it in and I swear to you I will hear no more

You swing from the limbs of the tree
And smile as you’re flying by me
I’m winded just watching …

We stumble blind into the mists
Lose our way, beat the walls with our fists - beat the walls
Breathe in the black lung air
Fire flame that burns blue up in there
Tap the bright vein in darkness
While the world goes turning -
I’m packing it in,
Even though the blue flame is still burning

Yeah, I’ll pack my bag now
Pack up my exhibition
Pack up the trifles and the troubles
That grumble and glisten, listen:

Someone in a ferryman’s dream
Knew fully well what I mean – knew what I mean

Beyond wuthering weather,an old scarlet letter
Knew what I believe to be true
That the ending is simple: nobody crosses but you.

So I’ll look away from the bell jars
Stacked up like old railroad cars -
Toward carousels colored in words
and ellipticals like holy spectacles
Painted in miracle blue…. like I saw your eyes
There with Miro & Ives
I’m packing it in -Maybe get lucky, have two lives