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Krista Detor

Fine Print

The Fine Print  
Krista Detor           2/20/12                    Kdetor/Dweber music 2/8/13

Don’t bother
to say that
you’re just another - blind as a bat
The fine print
is where the words start –
there’s a fine print on my heart

I’m a rare bird
In this instance –
a high flyer.
Insistence won’t do.
Where’s the art?
There’s a fine print
on my heart

I wear black cotton gloves
watch the men tip their hats -
they see a little turtle dove
but I paint my lips
flamingo  -   pink as  -   flamingo

Don’t bother
with blue note.
The warble
in your throat is dry
and lemon tart
and there’s a fine print
On my heart

I’ve sewn in
black feathers
to my hats
and my sweaters
and maybe he’ll see –
how I’m set apart
And the fine print on my heart