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Krista Detor

Hear That

Hear That                       Krista Detor 7/2013

Hear that?
the sliding glass door slid shut
and they’ll never know what’s what
I snuck out for good that’s what, I did

Hear that?
the clock with the figurines stopped
they kissed wooden kisses and stopped
and froze right around 3 o’clock, around 3

Hear that?
It’s the sound of the room as I left it
the dogs as they yipped when I left it
and no one around to regret it,  but I said it, I said it

Hear that?
the bottle of half-drunken wishes
tossed into a full sink of dishes
and pouring away like a river, pouring out

Hear that?
the white hum of tv & bad blues
the smell of the blood in the bad news
the smell of the life I did not choose, I did not

But hear that?
It’s the grind of the gears over gravel -
like a mad swarm of bees, it’s the rattle
of snakes in the trees, hear them rattle, hear them

Hear that?
the break in the circuit, the silent
at the end of the song- all is quiet
no one around to deny it….  no one

But hear that?
the sound of a sliding door shutting
and they’ll never know what was whatting
I snuck out for good and I’m running, ah for good

Hear that?
the sound of the power lines crackling
you right next to me ..  and we’re laughing
and I know what I’ll be and I’ll have it
with no one around to regret it    so I said it, hear that?