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Krista Detor

Flat Earth Diary

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released 2014

FLAT EARTH DIARY is Krista Detor’s 5th solo release, and her first album in 4 years. Having charmed critics from No Depression to Rolling Stone, who declares her work “A small miracle... wonderful, intensive music.. she would be good on every stage in the world,” Krista is ready to set out on a pre-release album tour of Ireland this November. She’ll follow this with a U.S. tour supporting the new album in January, before returning overseas to play Holland, Germany, and the UK in April and May of 2014.The idea for Flat Earth Diary was born in the north channel of Lake Huron, on a chance trip Krista took with some friends and several bottles of red wine. “Not long ago, we were certain that the Earth was flat and that the oceans poured off the edge into the abyss of dark space,” Krista muses, “Now, we readily accept the notion that the Earth is round. So the question for me became, in that moment, ‘Is perception reality?’”Finally, out on the boat, so far from technology and civilization, came the name and title track, as Krista chose to believe that that her favorite author, Terry Pratchett, more than likely has it right: the Earth is a disc, things are never as bad as we imagine they are, and in the beginning, there was nothing; which promptly exploded.The album includes the return of some amazing musicians and brand new ones – Jason Wilber of the John Prine band, Dena El-Saffar and Tim Moore of Salaam, and David Weber returns as producer and collaborator, with guest production by Rod Taylor. “I could call this album the ‘bass album’,” says Detor, “because strangely enough, including Rod, I’ve brought on board an array of great bass players - Steve Mascari, Mike Lindauer, Frank Smith, and one of the finest bass players and musicians that will ever walk planet Earth - Victor Wooten.”   Krista introduces Ariel Horowitz, who’s studying with Itzhak Perlman at Juilliard, and is a “17-year-old bad ass.” The new album welcomes the brilliant vocalists Amanda Biggs - along with Joe Crookston and countless wonderful singers, players and contributors. Krista’s newest work follows four years of teaching and travel. She’s been to Stanford University several times, as part of the Writing and Rhetoric program, and as a panel member in a symposium on Arts & Sustainability. She’s produced benefit events for education, animal welfare, sustainability, and this year, for Volunteers in Medicine. She’s traveled across the world and written roughly 50 compositions, including a collaboration with students at the American Embassy School in India. Their work together brought out the musical theatre pieces, If You Ever Leave and The Breeze Bends the Grass, which celebrate the lives of four women artists at the turn of the 20th century. She’s been busy!
Flat Earth Diary

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