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Krista Detor

Teeter-Totter on a Star

NIGHT LIGHT SUITE: Teeter-Totter on a Star    

Well, I work all dayno one pays my waynot a penny handed to me
little sparrow saysthat's the way it isnothing much is ever for free

But the dreamy timein the evening time the twinkle twinkle isn't so far
Wanna fly to therethrough the milky air and teeter-totter on a star

Think my back might breakburdens that I takemaybe bend me over backward
But oh, my eyes are drygot no time to crygot no call to breathe a sad word

Cause the dreamy time in the evening time all the glimmer shimmer by far
is sweeter than the day
let it fall away and teeter-totter on a star

Am I imagining that the world's a smaller place
the great big outer spacedoesn't look so great big
Take a moonbeam rideto the other side
maybe be just likewhen we were kids

Oh, my eyes are drygot no time to crylittle sparrow's singing to me
evening's coming soon    then the nightbird tunewhipporwill is gonna soothe me

Soon, the dreamy time
in the evening time - in all the galaxies that there are
must be the perfect one
so when the day is done, I'll teeter-totter on a star

gonna plant a treethat'll outlive megrowing taller than the worlds are
and we'll climb up highlaugh until we cry and teeter totter on a star
Teeter Totter on a star