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Krista Detor

"Awake the Voice," by Krista Detor is featured Song-of-the-Month by Franciscan Sisters International

Free Download of the song and some lovely reviews:

   Awake The Voice by Krista Detor, this month’s Song of the Month surely gave me some food for thought.  We are such a dichotomy!  We say we don’t like the hustle and bustle and all the commercialism that extends earlier and earlier each year.  We lay claim to the desire to be more spiritual and reflective about Christmas.  Yet we love our baking and shopping and decorating and the sound of those “violins in the stores” that Krista sings about.
   Awake the Voice makes me want to leave behind the liturgical superiority that comes with criticizing Christmas.  It reminds me to treasure well the beauties that form a feast for the eyes, the ears and most of all the heart.  How many truly beautiful and holy moments we witness during these hectic and holy days.  Thank you to Krista for a reminder to be positive and see the angels walking among us these days!      - Sr. Kathleen, Franciscan Sisters of Catholic Charity